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1920 Armchair N 752  Josef Frank Thonet 1920 Armchair N 752

 Josef Frank(se)


1934 Chaise longue Miranda  Bruno Mathsson 1934 Chaise longue Miranda

 Bruno Mathsson(se)

1947 Standing lamp Grasshoppa  Greta Grossman Gubi 1947 Standing lamp Grasshoppa

 Greta Grossman(se)


1955 Lounge chair Arabesk  Folke Jansson Ihreborn 1955 Lounge chair Arabesk

 Folke Jansson


1984 Armchair Ekstrem  Terje Ekstrom Stokke 1984 Armchair Ekstrem

 Terje Ekstrom(se)


1992 Side table Hatten  Ehlén Johansson Ikea 1992 Side table Hatten

 Ehlén Johansson(se)


1993 Chair Vilbert  Verner Panton Ikea 1993 Chair Vilbert

 Verner Panton(dk)


1993 Bench Bench air  Thomas Sandell Asplund 1993 Bench Bench air

 Thomas Sandell(se)


2000 Lounge chair Oto Voxia  Peter Karpf IForm 2000 Lounge chair Oto Voxia

 Peter Karpf(dk)


2001 Robot vacuum cleaner Trilobite  Inese Ljunggren Electrolux 2001 Robot vacuum cleaner Trilobite

 Inese Ljunggren(se)


 home appliance  
2003 Easy chair Superstructure  Björn Dahlström Cbi Design 2003 Easy chair Superstructure

 Björn Dahlström(se)

 Cbi Design(se)


«A chair should not be horizontal-vertical, nor should it be expressionist, nor constructivist, nor designed purely for expediency, nor made to match with the should be a good chair and as such it will match with the good table» Marcel Breuer