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1902 Armchair Purkersdorf Sanatorium  Koloman Moser 1902 Armchair Purkersdorf Sanatorium

 Koloman Moser(at)

1929 bar stool   Louis Sognot 1929 bar stool

 Louis Sognot(fr)

circa 1930 low table   Jules Leleu circa 1930 low table

 Jules Leleu(fr)

1952 Standing lamp Cerf-volant  Pierre Guariche Disderot 1952 Standing lamp Cerf-volant

 Pierre Guariche(fr)


1956 Door handle SAS Royal Hotel AJ Arne Jacobsen Carl F. Petersen 1956 Door handle SAS Royal Hotel AJ

 Arne Jacobsen(dk)

 Carl F. Petersen(dk)

1962 Stacking chair Polyprop  Robin Day Hille 1962 Stacking chair Polyprop

 Robin Day(gb)


1970 Pencil holder Colleoni  Enzo Mari Danese 1970 Pencil holder Colleoni

 Enzo Mari(it)


1971 Lounge chair   Oscar Niemeyer 1971 Lounge chair

 Oscar Niemeyer(br)

1971 Hanging lamp   Verner Panton 1971 Hanging lamp

 Verner Panton(dk)

1972 instant camera SX 70 Land  Henry Dreyfuss Polaroid 1972 instant camera SX 70 Land

 Henry Dreyfuss(us)


1977 Chair Plycor  Luigi Colani Cor 1977 Chair Plycor

 Luigi Colani(de)

 Cor Seat  

1993 Cordless phone OLA  Philippe Starck Thomson 1993 Cordless phone OLA

 Philippe Starck(fr)


2001 Robot vacuum cleaner Trilobite  Inese Ljunggren Electrolux 2001 Robot vacuum cleaner Trilobite

 Inese Ljunggren(se)


 home appliance  
2002 Easy chair Ploof  Philippe Starck Kartell 2002 Easy chair Ploof

 Philippe Starck(fr)



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