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1913 Chair Midway Gardens  Frank Lloyd Wright 1913 Chair Midway Gardens

 Frank Lloyd Wright(us)

1963 Easy chair Locus Solus  Gae Aulenti Poltronova 1963 Easy chair Locus Solus

 Gae Aulenti(it)


1979 Stacking chair Boston  Pierre Paulin 1979 Stacking chair Boston

 Pierre Paulin(fr)

1986 Chair Lune d'argent  Pascal Mourgue Fermob 1986 Chair Lune d'argent

 Pascal Mourgue(fr)


1986 Chair Palais Royal  Jean-Michel Wilmotte Academy 1986 Chair Palais Royal

 Jean-Michel Wilmotte(fr)

 Academy Seat  

1997 Stacking chair Wait  Matthew Hilton Authentics 1997 Stacking chair Wait

 Matthew Hilton(gb)


2001 table Etcetera  Bram Boo Feld 2001 table Etcetera

 Bram Boo(be)


2001 Dog House Magis Dog House  Michael Young Magis 2001 Dog House Magis Dog House

 Michael Young(gb)


2002 Easy chair Luxembourg  Frédéric Sofia Fermob 2002 Easy chair Luxembourg

 Frédéric Sofia(fr)


2004 Chair Easy Chair Easy Family  Jerszy Seymour Magis 2004 Chair Easy Chair Easy Family

 Jerszy Seymour(gb)


2008 Chair Him and Her  Fabio Novembre Casamania 2008 Chair Him and Her

 Fabio Novembre(it)


2008 Chair RE-TROUVÉ  Patricia Urquiola Emu 2008 Chair RE-TROUVÉ

 Patricia Urquiola(es)



«Besides the juice, the section usually contains a small seed from the same tree. This is a little gift that the production offers to the consumer just in case he should wish to have a personal production of these objects. Please note the economic unselfishness of such an idea, and at the same time the psychological bond that is born between the consumer and the production.» Bruno Munari (Orange)